Expert Boiler Services

Gas Boiler from NTI Trinity Series


The equipment you choose to heat your home is a decision that you will live with for a very long time. Besides initial costs, it’s important to review the energy efficiency, future cost savings, reliability, as well as space in your home. 

Service and Repair

Boilers are very reliable and breakdowns are rare, but they can happen. A Plus Air Systems can help diagnose exactly the problem and repair your equipment so it never happens again.

Boiler Maintenance: Before and After


Like your car, if your boiler is not properly and maintained, the likelihood of a breakdown will increase. Don’t wait for a boiler breakdown, get your equipment tuned with A Plus Air Systems.

Why a boiler?

hydronic comfort

Boilers work using hydronics. Hydronics is a central heating system that utilizes recirculating hot water to heat your whole house. Homeowners all over Ontario are learning just how comfortable heating your home with water can be.


Heated water is circulated throughout your home and heated only when it re-circulates back the boiler. Water requires less natural gas to reheat and loses on fractions of its warmth when it circulates around your house. A boiler system could reduce up to 40% of your fuel consumption!

smart and Compact

Modern boiler systems take up less room in your basement or boiler room. They are equipped with incredible energy-saving and are beautiful additions for a modern space because of their aesthetic design and build.

expert Support

A Plus Air Systems installs the top boiler brands which includes: Navien, NTI, Viessmann, Rinnai, Bosch and more. We have serviced and repaired almost all types of boilers. Call us today to learn more!