Humidifiers are used to increase moisture levels of the air and are used to help maintain comfortable levels of humidity in your home. 

A Plus Air Systems specializes in installing and servicing central humidifiers. We believe that by installing a high quality steam or evaporating humidifier, we can establish ideal air comfort in your home. Moisturized air means relief for your allergies, dry skin, lungs, and heart. Further, a dry home could be very damaging to your furniture and hardwood. Call A Plus Air Systems for to learn more!

A Plus Air Systems installs only the best brands in humidifiers such as Trane, Honeywell, and AIRCARE.

Frequently Asked Humidification Questions

Most frequent questions and answers on humidifiers

How many types of humidification is there?

There are four main types of humidifiers: Impeller/Cool-mist, Ultrasonic, Evaporative, and Steam. A Plus Air Systems only sells and installs Evaporative and Steam Humidifiers.

Cool-mist or steam humidifiers?

Cool-mist humidifiers work by vibrating water through either ultrasonic or impeller waves. They work poorly compared to Evaporative and Steam Humidifiers. This is because cool-mist humidifiers contain a still water tank which can be a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms. A Plus Air Systems only installs Evaporator and Steam humidifiers for this reason.


What is the ideal humidity setting (in Toronto)?

According to Government of Canada, the ideal indoor relative humidity is 35% in the winter, and 50% in the summer. ASHREA, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers recommends a range between 25% to 60% (ASHRAE Standard 55-1992)

Do I need a humidifier?

Humidifier are very important and needed if:

  • Your home gets very dry in the Winter.

  • Your home cannot maintain a relative humidity of about 35%.
  • Someone in your household suffers from allergies, dry skin, or has a breathing condition.
  • You have hardwood, furniture, or paintings susceptible to dry air.

What to look for in a humidifier ?

  • Compatibility with current furnace or  heating equipment
  • Quality (Trane and Honeywell are the two leaders in residential humidifiers).
  •  Capacity: The humidifier you purchase should be rated for a home your size. The humidifier capacity you purchase will depend on the square footage of your home and will also give you the output capacity in Gallons.

How much does a humidifier cost?

Steam and evaporator humidifier prices depend on the size of your home as well as your current heating solution. Contact A Plus Air Systems to see what system is best for your home.